July 27, 2017

FBI investigation into Hernandez and Nieto continues 

PRESIDIO COUNTY – The investigation into the alleged public corruption by Lorenzo Hernandez and Carlos Nieto is apparently continuing. 

According to sources, an FBI presence in the cities of Marfa and Presidio has been noted in the weeks following the FBI sting, in which Nieto and Hernandez allegedly accepted bribes to promote an FBI “company” marketing document digitization to the county.

According to the indictment against the two Presidio men, Hernandez received $19,800 and Nieto was given $8,300 to push the company through the court. In a May vote, county officials awarded a $300,000 contract to the bogus firm. 
Whether anyone else may be a target of the FBI probe has become a matter of public speculation. 


According to FBI El Paso Chief Division Counsel Allison Peavey, the bureau cannot comment on investigations into other parties as the investigation continues. “We can’t confirm whether or not there are investigations into other parties if they’re wrapped up in an ongoing investigation,” she said.  No other arrests have been made in connection to the investigation, Peavey added. 


Nieto and Hernandez were released last week on $20,000 bonds, with a stipulation on Nieto’s release that he not return to the city of Presidio.