​Our Story


Our family story begins in May, 1967, the day that my wife, Ambrosine (Gina) H. Jimenez accepted my marriage proposal.  I was serving in the United States Air Force and stationed at Tainan Air Base, Taiwan.  She worked at Air Asia, an aircraft depot maintenance facility which was used to repair and overhaul aircraft coming out of  Viet Nam.  Gina worked for the Chief of Maintenance and we met when I was assigned a project by the Base Commander relating to sailfish boats that Air Asia would build in exchange for allowing their personnel to use the Base Beach facilities. 


Gina and I dated for two years and it was not until I had a month left on my tour in Taiwan that I decided to propose marriage to her.  Her acceptance meant that we had one month to process all the paper work to obtain her passport and visa to the U. S. A., we had to make all the arrangements for the wedding and make preparations to depart from Taiwan.  I hired a Chinese lawyer to take care of all the paperwork that was required to process Gina’s passport application, visa and non-quota immigration application.  I promised him a bonus if he processed everything and delivered me the paperwork one week prior to our departure.  By the grace of the good Lord, he managed to get everything processed and he handed me all the paperwork well within the bonus deadline.


Preparations for the wedding went equally as well and we managed to get married by a Catholic priest in a Catholic church in Tainan.  Thank God, we made all the deadlines and met our departure date and flight to the U. S. A.  With that our marriage was off to a good start and it has not lost any momentum. We have had a wonderful marriage and two wonderful sons. 

We have lived in Japan four years, Iran four years, traveled to Alaska, Panama, East and West Carribean region, China, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, England, Canada, Turkey, Mexico and so many others that are too numerous to list.  We have made so many friends in so many places in the world that we wish we could revisit each and everyone of them one more time in our lifetime. Unfortunately, not likely. 


All in all, we have had a wonderful life and the Good Lord has blessed us with great kids, great jobs, great opportunities and great successes.  We thank the Good Lord for everything that he has bestowed on us and pray that he does the same for our kids and their children.


Gina and I are now fully retired and we love to go on cruises and travel on our Recreational Vehicle throughout the United States.  We are getting older but we want to continue enjoying our travel as long as we are able.